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Everything You Need to Know for Your First Paint and Sip Class in Sydney

Expectations are definitely different when it comes to paint and sip classes in Sydney. More so, people who have experienced these classes before has a lot to say about them. But what about those who are just partaking in Sydney. There is practically no need for anyone to add complications to the process, especially when planning to attend your first class. As the activity is helpful for an individual to rediscover their artistic mind and creativity, corporate bodies can also use it to build a sustainable team. Click here to know more about Your First Paint and Sip class in Sydney.

The whole idea of drunk painting combines a professionally led painting session with a high energy environment and a couple of drinks. Some studios provide a bar where you can buy drinks if you don’t have one. Whereas others ask you to bring your own kind of drinks and even snacks to the studio. Most times, wines are the most popular of the allowed beverages. But other people may come in with liquor, lemonade or beer. Just enjoy your time painting while you drink. You can read FAQs for Paint and Sip Courses in Sydney by visiting

What then should you expect from your first paint and sip lesson in Sydney?

Lessons to learn before attending your first paint and sip party in Sydney 

  1. You don’t have to bring anything to the studio

Paint and sip classes may require an upfront payment. And the reason is simple – the host has to provide many things before the actual day, including all art materials, disposable and takeaway. While some of the materials are usable, others are exhaustible. So, to provide 100% of the painting supplies, wine glasses, ice buckets and the core painting kit, you need to pay 100% in advance. Think of renting a studio for the session, too, as well as a natural environment.

In addition, it is actually a party because of the food and drinks. So, while you think of drinks to sip while painting, it also provides what to eat, say a snack. Usually, the studio may not limit what you can eat, drink or bring into the session. However, it will be distracting to bring a load of food that can distract from the primary goal. Finally, you may need to go through your studio food and drink policy to allow or disallow.

  1. Classes can take 2 to 3 hours long

While you prepare for your paint and sip class in the studio, prepare to spend some lengthy time. In fact, that is another reason why you should add some small chops to the drinks you will be bringing. Don’t assume that the painting process is going to take a dash. A complete painting may take several hours, but you won’t spend the whole day because the choice masterpiece is often a simplified one. However, prepare for up to 2 to 3 hours to use for an average paint and sip session.

Paint and sip classes come with some adventurous pursuits that learners should prepare to have. One such pursuit is the relaxed environment when the session is taking place. When it comes to time, the best way to approach it is to prepare the whole evening to do the task. Within the dedicated time, the instructors will take some time to introduce you to painting. Then, you will need to also practically follow the process as he does it. 

  1. Get there 30 minutes to 1 hour earlier

It is essential to show up for the paint and sip class very early on D-day. Most painters need to show up to get a good position that is as close to the instructor as possible. But even if that is not a problem for you, you may need to get some food and beverages to accompany your painting. And before the actual painting session begins, coming early allows you to connect with friends and colleagues. Meanwhile, the social connection may even prepare you more for the actual painting. 

Another reason why you need to get to the studio early is to get the first and best of everything you need for the day. At times, you don’t realize what the prize of coming early is until you discover imagine how much latecomers miss. Don’t forget that the learning process requires calmness, a virtue that rushing in will deprive your mind. However, when you arrive early, you have enough time to calm yourself and prepare your mind for the learning process. 

  1. Painting classes are for adults

There are designated painting classes for kids, but the most common ones are for adults. The implication varies for different reasons, and it must be clearly spelt out on the company’s studio policies. For instance, many attendees of paint and sip sessions in Sydney must be at least 13 years old. This age limit indicates that we can assume that those who come are not minors and can adequately care for themselves. 

Other locations may permit other age groups or have a designation for these other groups. But when it comes to most of the locations I know in Sydney, the general rule remains the same. At the same time, some studios may present some adult images for painters to reproduce. And when we have a kid among students, that could be an offence. Moreover, many states respect the age rule regarding drinking, which is an integral part of the drunk painting.

  1. Hearing Instructions get very easy 

The process of painting and remodelling your image to match the masterpiece can be super easy when you hear the instructions well. It is the job of the instructors to guide you through everything that you need to know. Even if you don’t know a single thing about painting before the session, just show up. You will get all the information you need with practical experience. Some of the fanciful instructions you get may even begin from the methods of effectively mixing paints.

In addition, you will learn the major types of brushes out there and how to use them; how to combine colours and the shapes of brush strokes. At the same time, if you are more interested in customizing your painting so that it can carry your identity, you are free to do so. Instructors will guide you on the elements of the painting that you can change to match your style. Painting studios also make room for all these changes while ensuring optimum service.